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Had a haircut today and it feels so much nicer although it’s gone kinda fluffy, hmph.
Unbrushed hair and cosy hoody while I do some drawing, being a scruff for the day.
I forgot I had this jumper and then I found it in a box and was happy because it has elbow patches.
Got a new coat from work today, volunteering means I get first dibs on good donations ^_^
All dressed up for tonight ^_^
Official Bob’s Burgers volunteer (I wish)
Been feeling dead ill all day so thinking tonight is a good night to watch movies in bed
My hair was actually behaving today which is a nice change ^-^
New Moose Blood tee arrived this morning
Got my boy coming round soon, planning on treating myself to a few ciders and playing the new episode of The Walking Dead, goddamn love that game.