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The blobfish is able to live 4,000 ft below sea level because it doesn’t have much muscle or skeletal structure. It only becomes “blobby” due to the change in pressure when it is brought above water. Source

Send me asks coz I’m bored and cant sleep

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Ugh gotta delete so many apps and pictures to make room on my iPhone for the iOS 8 update, goddamn.

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Think my first training shift went pretty well today. I made lattes, americanos and cappuccinos all spot on first and second times practicing, as well as hot chocolate and a few other hot non-coffee drinks. In again tomorrow for 3 hours to run through the cold drinks and then have my first full shift on Saturday.

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Just about to head out for my first training shift at my new job, fingers crossed it all goes well!

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baby got lost playing with brushes in the photoshop hole